Oil & Fluid Analysis
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Apex Oil Lab is an independent oil and fluid analysis laboratory focused on providing the highest level of personalized service at the speed you need.  We offer condition monitoring and fluid analysis programs that help equipment owners maximize their machines’ reliability and performance.  With 24hr and same day turnaround, our fast and accurate data can contribute to cost-effective condition-based maintenance programs and time-critical decision-making. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we offer among the fastest oil testing services for both local and national clients. Our experience, attention to detail, and analytical support can help you to most effectively use your analysis data.

Value of Oil & Fluid Analysis

  1. Eliminate guesswork

  2. Improve reliability and performance

  3. Reduce operating and repair costs

  4. Maximize equipment life

  5. Preserve the environment

Comprehensive Tests &
Expert Analysis

Apex Oil Lab uses testing methods that meet or exceed ASTM methods.  We offer lubricant analysis for a variety of equipment types in different applications.  Our analysis services doesn’t stop at test results. We offer expert analytical support based on extensive experience in the lubricant and fluid industry.

Exceptional Services

Our robust reporting system provides complete transparency to our oil analysis process. It allows you to track when your samples arrive, undergo testing, and it notifies you when testing is completed. You will access data from anywhere, online.

If your company wants to enhance its product line by offering oil analysis services, Apex offers a private label program to broaden your scope and strengthen brand loyalty.

Set Your Expectations High. We’ll Meet You There.

Specific Tests
Our comprehensive lubricant testing includes spectrochemical analysis, physical properties testing, and particle counting.

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Your critical data is provided within 24 hours or the same day with real-time updates and results online.  Our in-depth service includes experienced in-house counsel.

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We offer a variety of oil sample kits and supplies that will best suit your needs.

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Industries Served

Apex Oil Lab provides lubricant analysis for vital assets in a wide variety of industries.

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