Oil & Fluid Analysis
Knowledge You Need Now

Apex Oil Lab is an independent oil analysis laboratory focused on providing accurate oil testing and personalized service at the speed you need.  We specialize in supporting industrial and commercial clients’ condition monitoring and preventative maintenance programs.  Using the latest technology, we offer high quality oil and fluid testing to effectively monitor equipment health and optimize performance…and ROI.  Our ASTM compliant testing supports condition monitoring for critical assets in a wide range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, construction, power generation, and more. With same day turnaround, we provide the fast and accurate data needed to make time-critical decisions. Our experience, attention to detail, and analytical support will help your company turn information into solutions.

Benefits of Oil & Fluid Analysis

  1. Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

  2. Lower Repair & Replacement Costs

  3. Improve Productivity & Quality of Output

  4. Extend Equipment Life & Increase Resale Value

  5. Increase Savings & Profits

Results You Can Trust

We use the latest technology in testing equipment and comply to ASTM standards. Prior to release, results are reviewed and compared with asset history and component limits. Any questionable results are re-tested. Combined with expert diagnostic support, Apex Oil Lab provides results you can trust.

Service You Want

We are fully committed to providing exceptional customer service.  Every customer contact or inquiry receives a quick response, typically the same business day.  Our staff is dedicated to providing answers and solutions that consistently meet or exceed expectations.

Program customization is available to meet the needs of clients who must adhere to tighter standards or have unique monitoring requirements.

Our robust reporting system provides transparency to our oil analysis process. Sample status is available online from check-in to testing to completion. You can conveniently access data anytime, from anywhere.

From the moment of first contact, our process is customer-driven to provide you with the service you want.

Set Your Expectations High. We’ll Meet You There.

  • “100% of the equipment I deal with on a daily basis is hydraulically powered. Quality of fluid means everything. I recently changed to a new oil analysis company, Apex Oil Lab. Their results are very quick, the report is easy to read, and there are comments that put everything in an easy to understand format. I hesitated in the past to send my customers their results because it would result in a phone conversation with me trying to explain the results. With Apex Oil Lab, I send their reports to my customers. They are able to read and understand the reports, and they are impressed. I could not be happier. My only regret is not switching sooner. I have contacted all the service managers in my company. All have seen the results and all of them are impressed. Apex Oil Lab, my hat is off to you all. Many thanks.”

    Industrial Equipment Sales and Service
    Ted C., Service Manager
  • “Implementing oil analysis in our maintenance program has been a great benefit for our customers, as well as for us. We have been able to show customers, thru the in-depth analysis, that we need to either up the frequency of their service or make the switch to a synthetic based oil. More recently, we gained a new customer due to the fact we provide oil sampling! One of the biggest differences between us and our competitors, is that we strive to go the extra mile – And the relationship with Apex Oil Lab has increased that ability. The quick turnaround with the samples, as well as the ability to view the results online is by far the best in the business!”

    Fire Equipment Sales and Vehicle Service
    Brian R., Service Manager
  • “I love Apex Oil Lab’s prompt response time, not only to questions I have about the lab reports, but the same day turn around on oil analysis is extremely beneficial to our predictive maintenance program. I would highly recommend the team at Apex to anyone!”

    Equipment Manufacturing
    Jason S., Rebuild Project Leader
  • “It has been a pleasure doing business with Apex Oil Lab.   Their program is always spot on with results and analysis, always willing to go the “extra mile!”  The turnaround time for sample results is far superior to other labs we have worked with.   It is easy to sell an oil analysis program when you know with confidence that the program is one of the best in the industry.”

    Oil & Chemical Distribution
    Tim J., Technical Supervisor
  • “Apex Oil Lab has done an excellent job for us on our heavy equipment.  We get fast results and we can see how the sample results came out on the internet and keep track of equipment by using the system they have set up on their website. It’s priced well with fast results. You can’t go wrong by using Apex Oil Lab.”

    Heavy Equipment Rental & Sales
    Tim A., Service Manager

Specific Tests
Our comprehensive lubricant testing methods comply with ASTM standards.  Tests include spectrochemical analysis, viscosity, fuel dilution, water detection, glycol detection, acid number, base number, particle counting, and more. We offer customized testing programs and limits for clients who must adhere to highly stringent standards.

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Test results are consistently delivered the same day.  All results are reviewed by an experienced analyst. Questionable results are re-tested.  Results indicating a critical problem or immediate failure are delivered with a phone call.  Our in-depth service includes expert diagnosis and recommendations.  Personal assistance is readily available by phone.  

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Supplies & Customization
We offer a variety of oil sample kits and supplies.  Kits are suitable for all available tests. Discounts are available for higher volume orders.

OEMs, resellers, and distributors can use our co-branding or private labeling packages to enhance product and service offerings. High volume clients are eligible for program customizations.

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