Compressors Oil Analysis

Nothing will stop a manufacturing facility or shop faster than a failed compressor.  Managing compressor lubricant viscosity is imperative to maintaining compressor health.  In compressors, lubricant fluid serves multiple functions. It seals the compressor from leaks, lubricates moving parts, and manages temperature during operation.  Compressors can typically run many years on the initial fill of the OEM specified lubricant but if any contamination occurs, immediate action is needed.  Apex Oil Lab will check your used compressor oil for viscosity, oil health, water and other contaminants.  It is critical to closely monitor contamination, particularly from acids and ultra-fine or clearance-size solids.

  • Viscosity: Managing oil viscosity is critical to maintaining compressor health.  Lubricants can come in contact with many different elements that can affect the viscosity, thus impairing the fluid’s ability to cool the unit and properly lubricate moving parts
  • Oxidation:  Churning oil foams, thus exposing more of the lubricant to air which causes oxidation that lowers viscosity
  • Dilution: Dilution results from oil coming in contact with gas such as methane lowering the viscosity
  • Bubbles: Bubbles form as foaming oil churns in the compressor instantly dropping the viscosity

Frequent viscosity checks are recommended more than once per month for overall compressor health and to help eliminate an unexpected failure

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