Gear Oil Analysis

Gears are increasingly challenged with hotter operating environments as machines continue to shrink in size but are expected to increase output. Approximately one-third of industrial operations experienced lubricant-related gearbox failure within the last year. A proactive gear oil analysis program will help minimize the risk of such failures. Gear boxes and gear systems need to be monitored for any signs of wear as well as dirt and water contamination.  Ferrography may be necessary because standard oil analysis gives a limited picture of wear for gearboxes by missing wearing debris that is in excess of 5-10 microns.

By implementing a condition-based service program, you can monitor and control your gear oil contamination and condition. Our oil analysis program detects the following for your gear system or gear box:

  • Degradation: Gear oil performance will deteriorate if viscosity significantly changes or if it is oxidized.
  • Contaminants: Typical contaminants are metals, solids and water. Gearboxes and gear systems with any contamination should be removed immediately.
  • TAN: An increased acid number is a symptom of oxidation. While water and wear debris can accelerate oxidation, overheating can also contribute oxidation.

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