Apex Tracker
Information Management System

Your oil analysis report is accessible anytime, from anywhere. Apex Tracker is the online information management systems that reports sample updates and results in real-time.  Equipment managers and service personnel can access real-time updates, historical and trend data, and final results online from anywhere.  This robust system provides trending, imaging, and numerical and textual data in one secure location.

Data Access and Management

  • Single end-to-end view of a sample lifecycle from sample submission and receipt to results entry in real-time

  • Results are delivered to the user’s inbox and chosen method of notification

  • Results and data are easy to read and shown via trending, imaging, and numerical and textual format

  • Interactive reports allow users to sort information by multiple parameters

  • Download in batches of up to 50 samples reports at a time via .pdf format

  • Graphical presentations provide easy to read data and trends

Sample Report OK Cummins ISX Engine

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

oil sample tracking scanner printer
  • Combined with the electronic labeling system, sample registration and jar labels are created, printed, and registered electronically to reduce human error and improve accuracy

  • When scanned upon arrival, label barcodes transfer all online submission information to the lab

  • Track the status of samples in real-time as it progresses from receipt to test completion

Efficient and Effective Communication

  • All samples are barcoded and scanned into the reporting system on the day of arrival, so you know exactly when your sample arrives at the lab.

  • Via the Apex Tracker IMS, you can see if your sample is being tested. Once testing is completed, you will receive alerts and results.

  • Notification preferences can be set to specify frequency, email distribution lists, and alerts

  • Download or export data in a variety of formats

  • Customize test criteria to establish component alarm limits


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