Oil and fluid testing services

The Right Test for Your Equipment

To be most effective, analysis results must be accurate and timely.  Apex Oil Lab offers oil and fluid tests with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.  For all standard testing samples that arrive by 11am EST, results are available the same day.  By meeting and exceeding ASTM requirements, Apex offers you the accurate data to make critical decisions.

We pride ourselves on providing customer-driven services that meet your unique needs.  For industrial clients who have exceptionally tight tolerances or standards, we create customized programs and limits.  OEM recommendations are always our foundation but we tailor our programs for the needs of your on-site assets.

Our goal is beyond testing and sending numbers.  Our goal is to be a member of your reliability and maintenance team, collaborating toward greater performance, longevity, and savings.


Engines Oil Analysis

Analysis of used engine oil monitors wear, detects problems early, and maximizes engine life.  Gas, Diesel, & LFG.

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Monitoring contaminant levels to maintain the proper level of cleanliness will eliminate the leading cause of failure in hydraulic oil systems.

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Transmission Fluid

Monitoring transmission fluid can reveal early signs of fluid breakdown or contamination.

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Gear Systems

Carrying greater workloads than ever before, gear stability must be closely monitored by checking for contaminants, acid number, and viscosity.

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Oil is the lifeblood of turbine performance and condition is most commonly monitored through physical and chemical properties, contamination measurements, and performance properties.

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Compressors are found in virtually every manufacturing plant or shop. To improve reliability, fluid condition must be checked frequently, particularly in terms of pH, TAN, and contamination.

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