Enhance Your Products & Services

For qualifying companies, Apex Oil Lab offers the opportunity to expand and enhance their product line through our private label and co-branding programs. Custom branded supplies, reports, and labels will match your company image.  The private label program adds value and strengthens customer loyalty.  Our expert analytical support is available to either you or your customers.

  • Offer a fast, in-depth, and accurate reporting system that is unique to your company

  • With customized branding, oil analysis services seamlessly enhance your product line

  • Printed labels and barcodes to improve accuracy in tracking samples

  • Higher visibility for your company for oil related needs

Strengthen Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Add Value and Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Your objective is to retain your existing customer base and expand your reach to new customers. The way to effectively accomplish these goals is through adding value to your product line and strengthening brand loyalty.

Apex Oil Lab’s private label program will help you strengthen your customers’ loyalty. We offer customized reports and labels, fast reliable data, and expert analytical support. Armed with these tools, you will help your customers optimize their assets’ performance and lifespan. The relationship transforms from buyer and seller to a committed team whose focus is your customers’ success and maximized ROI. This type of ongoing service and support adds value to your product line and company image.  Your relationship with your customers is deepened and becomes more comprehensive.

add oil analysis to product line

Minimal Effort and Cost

oil analysis kit

We Do the Work, You Take the Credit

Our private label program is easy for you to implement.  We supply you with all you need to expand and customize your services. The entire oil analysis program will seamlessly fit into your product line. Your customers will benefit from this enhanced service and you will receive all the credit.

  • Branded sample processing forms and bottle labels

  • Pre-printed shipping containers and sample kits

  • Accurate oil and fluid testing with minimal investment

  • Fast same day turnaround

  • Expert support for you and your customers

Provide Immediate & Better Customer Support

Track Testing and Access Data Online

The Apex Tracker online reporting system offers you testing status and results anywhere, anytime.  You can quickly and easily update your customers on their sample status, provide results, and better support their maintenance needs.  Historical data is available to help determine trends in equipment behavior, so recurring problems can be effectively addressed.

oil sample tracking


Our analysis program utilizes methods that meet or exceed ASTM criteria, providing reliable and repeatable results.  All results are reviewed by an expert prior to release.  If anything looks questionable, we re-test immediately.


We know the value of fast response time.  That’s why we are committed to responding to all inquiries the same business day.


Results are only worthwhile if they are accurate and timely.  We offer same day results on all standard testing samples that arrive by 11am EST.


Our online Apex Tracker Information Management System allows clients to track samples from the moment they arrive at the lab, through the various tests, and to final results. Watch the samples progress in real-time and get data online or via email.

Brand Awareness

Differentiate yourself from the competition with branded labels and reporting.  By maintaining a presence with your customers as they monitor their oil and machines, you increase visibility.


With increased visibility comes strengthened customers relationships and brand awareness that encourages repeat business and first time buyers.

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