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The technical library is an excellent resource for learning more about details of our services and enhancing your knowledge base about lubricants and analysis. We have included FAQs to better understand how we work. We have downloads (pdfs) that will assist you to better understand your oil analysis information and to make the most of that valuable data. There is also a Source of Elements Table to show what elements we will detect during oil analysis. We will continue to add and update our library, so that it continues to be a relevant and valuable resource for our customers.

It’s been several days since our sample was sent to the lab. Why haven’t we received our report?

All samples that have the completed forms are barcoded and checked-in the day of receipt.  If you haven’t received your report as expected, that can a couple scenarios. (1) We didn’t receive your sample. (2) We did receive it but there wasn’t any identifying paperwork (information form) accompanying the sample. (3) Testing on your sample was completed and the results were released, however, your email system may have scrubbed the message, so please check your junk folder.  No matter what may have happened, customers are welcome to call us for immediate assistance.

If I don’t have your sealed bottles available can I use any bottle?

Ideally, a new oil sample bottle is best.  Ensure the alternative bottle used is clean and dry.  The smallest unseen contaminant in a bottle can affect test result accuracy.

Can we use any container to send in our samples?

We prefer that our clean sealed bottles be used for sample fluids. This eliminates any contamination issues from residue inside the bottle.

How much oil do you need?

2-3 ounces is all that is needed to run all tests.  Simply fill the oil sample bottle about 2/3 full.

How do you know where to send the results?

Customers can choose their preferred methods of notification. It is very important that we have current email, fax and phone numbers for your company contacts.

How fast can we expect to receive our sample results?

Our typical turnaround time is same day. If we receive a sample by 11am EST, standard tests can be completed and reporting sent the same day.  When testing is completed, analysis and reporting are processed as soon as possible. Occasionally, customers will have special circumstances that can require extensive research or testing methods and can take a little more time.

Can Apex Oil Lab provide same day results for samples received after 11:00 a.m. or dropped off in person?

Yes, we can provide same day results if a sample is received after the 11:00 a.m. deadline or for local drop-offs. Consult with your account representative for more details.

How do we receive our sample results?

The results are available by online account access, fax and email. You will automatically receive your results once the tests are completed.

If we forgot to include the forms, can you still run the sample?

Yes, we will hold an unidentified sample for 1 week. If the completed forms are available within the week, we will test your sample.  After 1 week, we recommend taking a new oil sample and sending that with a completed form. The reason for this is that your oil sample is “old” after a week and the results on that sample may no longer be relevant to your machine’s current condition.

We recently switched to Apex Oil Lab with a long history for trending data at another lab. Can we transfer past data to Apex so that we have trending data?

Yes. You can submit electronic data to us and we import it to our system.

If we don’t have electronic data history can we still add the past results?

Yes. We can manually input the data so that you have a seamless transition to Apex Oil Lab. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

How do I get my oil sample out if I’m not ready to change the fluid?

You can use the fluid sample pump to vacuum out the fluid and it goes directly into the sample bottle. Some equipment have an Oil Sample Port. Apex Oil Lab offers a pump or sample bottle adapter that connects directly to the sample port.

What if I don’t how to read the report?

Our report is among the easiest to read, but data can still be a challenge to decipher. If you have difficulty understanding your report, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

How do we access our sample results and history online?

Qualifying accounts will have online account access to review asset records and historical data.

I like the idea of being able to print my sample information forms. How do I do that?

We sell the printers and adhesive labels that are compatible with our system. Call us and we can send them to you.

How do I enter the data for the printer sample form?

The printer form will use the asset (equipment) information that is already in our system. By accessing your account online, you update the hours/miles and any other relevant information needed. This is the fastest and most efficient way to prepare your forms on equipment tested regularly.

How do you keep the many samples that you receive from being mixed up in the lab?

As soon as a sample is received, it is assigned a bar code that is attached to the sample cap and bottle. Each time a sample progresses through the lab, the bar code is scanned so that the results are automatically entered to that sample’s report.  The system of barcoding also eliminates human error in typing.

Can I purchase your oil analysis kit online?

No.  Since we focus on commercial and industrial clients, we prefer to discuss their analysis needs first. Commercial clients should contact us directly to discuss program details and pricing.  We can be reached via the Contact Us form or by phone M-F, 9-5 EST.

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